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Human 76: Fragments of a Fractured World - a post apocalyptic anthology #Human76

“Quiet, you fool! You’re safe now!” Rough hands gripped Ghabrie. A kestrel swooped but Ghabrie could not hear its call. She could hear only Nahria’s shriek. Ghabrie strained to glimpse her little sister through the mass of rebellion warriors and Prometheans. The two sides were withdrawing, both claiming their spoils and retreating. Ghabrie thrashed: kicking, biting, struggling against strong arms that restrained her. 
“Nahria, I’ll come for you!”
The butt of a rifle thumped the side of her head as her words still echoed across the barren landscape. Ghabrie slipped into an oblivion brought by the hands of her liberators. Fourteen authors take you on an unprecedented post-apocalyptic journey.
It's here! The post-apocalyptic anthology written by fourteen authors, including me, is available for purchase. While each story is separate, they all connect in some way and are all a part of the same world. I've read the stories by the other authors and I can assure you that you will love the stories within this anthology.

photo credit: Lisa Shambook
My story is called "The Oasis" and is about a young girl, born after the Blast, named Mags who has some special abilities.

This was difficult for me to write because, by nature, a post-apocalyptic world will be dark and dangerous, full of horror and even despair, but post-apocalyptic stories are not something I am used to writing. And, even in the bleakness of a post-apocalyptic world, I couldn't help bringing some peace and hope to the story. I am, and will forever be, an optimist at heart, and I couldn't help letting that part of me leak into my story. 

The book is free in e-book form for a limited time, so grab your copy soon!

And the really special thing abut the book is that proceeds from sales of the book will be put towards the Water is Life charity, global charity that provides clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education programs to schools and villages in desperate need worldwide. Our book is about those displaced and struggling to survive in a dangerous world and this charity fits perfectly with our stories. So when you buy the book you will be helping those in need.

Here are some links to check out:

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And go here to find out more about the Water is Life charity.

Here's a brief excerpt from Mags' story:

The squirrel leapt from the tree and swooped down to land softly by my feet, folding its bat-like wings against its side. My gran had once given me a book about animals that showed a picture of a flying squirrel. Those squirrels from before the Blast didn’t have wings like this one and they didn’t actually fly; they just sort of glided on flaps of skin that stretched between their forelegs and hind quarters. The Blast had changed a lot of things. I’d never seen a squirrel without proper wings that allowed them to fly, to take off from the ground and soar through the air as easily as any bird. 
I wish I had that kind of freedom. My wings were more like the ones those former squirrels had possessed. It meant I could only fly if I took off from somewhere high enough and if I could catch the air currents long enough to get some real lift. Of course, it also made it easier to hide my mutation and blend in when I came across others.

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