Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ten Things Children Can Teach Us About Staying Active

1. You don't need music or a dance floor to dance.


2. Skirts are meant for twirling.


3. Climbing trees and building treehouses is a great form of exercise.

Tree climbing

4. You don't need a car to go places, all you need is your own two legs.


5. If you need to get somewhere fast, ride a bike.

Riding A Bike

6. Running is not just for exercise; it's also for fun things like playing tag.

Gabby in motion

7. Any hill, no matter how small, is great for jumping off of.


8. Water was meant for splashing in.


9. There is never a suitable reason not to climb on the climbing frames at playgrounds.


10. Never give up your sense of playfulness.

Surfing for beginners by BFG

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